Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a painless and safe diagnostic procedure that uses a powerful magnet and radio waves to produce detailed images of the body’s organs and structures. A computer converts the signals from the MRI system into extremely clear, sectional images of the part of the body that has been scanned, which can be further reconstructed into three-dimensional images, allowing complete and remarkable visualization of the anatomical structure from all angles.

Patient Preparation

For an “ordinary” MRI, no special preparation is required; however,  remove all metallic objects,  jewelries and electronic devices (such as watch), as these will interfere with the test and  maybe damaged by the strong magnetic field within the MRI scanner.

You can wear regular clothing as long as it is free of metal (zippers, buttons, etc).

For certain specialized MRI procedures, dietary restrictions are required when the examination requires the injection or ingestion of a contrast agent, when sedation or anesthesia is necessary, or for other special considerations.

Need to know

 Some people may feel uncomfortable, or even claustrophobic (fearful of closed spaces) because the machine has a tunnel-like appearance. Most people can  overcome this feeling, but for those who need assistance, the doctor can prescribe a  tranquilizer for use before the  procedure.  An open MRI can also be recommended for claustrophobic patients.

During the procedure, you will hear several series of loud, repetitive pulsing noises. In many instances, you will be given protective headphones or ear plugs. These noises may initially be frightening, but they are harmless and indicate that the machine is working. It is particularly important to remain completely still during these sequences of noises, as the MRI machine is obtaining images at these time

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